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Anonymous Group Allegedly Hacked Romney Tax Records via Franklin Firm

Apparently, this group has gotten their hands on Romney’s tax records.  You know, the ones he said he wouldn’t release.  They’re being held for ransom. But, anyone can pay the ransom.  The way it works is, they’ve allegedly sent an encrypted flash drive to news networks.  If the Romneys don’t want the information released, they need to pay $1,000,000 USD in bitcoins, and the keys to the information will be destroyed.  But, if other people do want the information released, they have to pay the $1,000,000 USD in bitcoins to get the encryption key before the Romneys pay. Payment for either outcome must be done by Sept. 28, and if no payment is received at all, the information will be released.

This is very interesting.  If I could, I’d pay for the information to be released.  But of course, it could all just be a bluff.  Either way…I want to see how this will unfold.

Edit: This reddit comment is also interesting.

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